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Here is a brief history of how came into existence:

My Background

I fell in love with watching weather as a young child. I spent many days of my youth working on our family farm in the Jacksonville area. The farm provided for a great place to observe weather in all seasons. I fondly remember watching clouds stream across the atmosphere, while laying in a wheat field after the fall harvest. I took my passion for weather and studied meteorology and climatology at Southern Oregon University. My degree in Geography provides a root for understanding how weather and topography interact in the complex and diverse environment was call the Rogue Valley. My dream is to some day pursue a masters degree at the University of Oregon. My passion for weather observation and data analysis has been key to developing the website and social media pages. My 40+ years of living in the Rogue Valley have enabled me to make keen observations of weather phenomena. We live in an area that is difficult at best to forecast due to numerous micro-climates and varied topography. I provide my weather data to various agencies free of charge, including the National Weather Service office in Medford and the Civilian Weather Observation Program hosted by MesoWest in Utah. It is my goal to provide accurate forecasts to the local community. how it happened

I was given my first weather station by my parents as a Christmas present in 2004. I soon became obsessed with collecting weather data and looked for alternatives of ingesting data onto the World Wide Web.

2005 - The weather website was developed and software was purchased that enabled me to upload live weather data to the web. Purchased professional grade weather station.
2006 - Data was uploaded to MesoWest and WeatherUnderground
2010 - Facebook page was created as a place to post weekly weather updates and observations. I hoped to also increase user interaction and feedback.